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Contacts are not a one size fits all investment. When you want a range of contact options to choose from, come to Herkimer Eyecare Center. You'll find the most reliable brands as well as choices like colored contacts. Call today to make an appointment.

Need contact advice? Make an appointment.

Finding the right contacts requires you to consider a variety of factors. Your lens choice will depend on your vision, contact wear tolerance, and how often you want to clean your lenses. Let our experienced professionals guide you to the perfect lenses for you.

Experienced contact advice

Find the best contact brands, including:


•  Acuvue


•  Cooper

•  Bausch & Lomb


Superior contact brands

When you visit Dr. Mark Ainsworth, you'll get the thorough, professional exam you need to ensure that you get the right contacts for you.

Thorough eye exams for the right contacts

Get the perfect contacts for you

No matter what type of contact lenses you need, you'll find a huge variety at Herkimer Eyecare Center. Choose from soft contacts, rigid gas permeable, extended wear, disposable, colored contacts, and more. The first step in getting new contacts is an exam to assess your vision. After your exam, your contact options will be thoroughly reviewed so you can make the right decision for your lifestyle.

Want a dramatic look? Why not change your eye color with contact options from

Air Optix? Choose from natural options for all eye colors, bold colors for dark eyes, or enhanced looks for light eyes. Try hazel, brown, green, blue, and more.

Colored contacts for a new look

•  Soft contact lenses

•  Rigid gas permeable

•  Extended wear contact lenses

•  Disposable

•  Colored contacts

•  Complete fittings

Complete contact options

Personalized contact assistance

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